Killer Application Virtual and Augmented Reality

#IIFVAR | The International Investment Forum in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality in Zurich (Technopark) 20 April 2017 |

Where will the Mixed Reality Killer Application will come from? Like with spreadsheets for the personal computing industry, this will be a combination of good timing, good design and simplicity.

This will depend on where Mixed Reality will show the higher usefulness and usability.

Monetization is still limited to some niche applications in which these technologies are already providing simple solutions to real problems. A whole grammar of UX designs and defaults interactions still has to be developed, but AR and VR will substantially increase their potential to solve problems and to speed up processes in several different industries.

This session will explore which markets and industries are already being impacted by these technologies, examining some actual AR projects in which AR delivered what was needed and the investments returned substantially. Some innovative VR projects for the b2b and industrial market will be illustrated, showing the combination of VR with other interesting technologies like IoT and Robotics (Drones).

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