Virtual, augmented and Mixed Reality

Full article of Mark on Design Approaches For Immersive Experiences – #IIFVAR 2017

Author Profile

Mark Melnykowycz
Artist - Scientist - Wearable Computing
Empa Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
I've worked in the academic and industrial research areas in the United States, Switzerland, and Japan on extended projects including biomaterials, smart materials, automotive engineering and various topics within composite materials. My work approach includes a mix of analytical thinking and research methods combined with an artistic flexibility to develop unique solutions.

I embrace the lean startup philosophy of developing products and business case iteration combined with user experience testing to build software that fulfill user needs.

Currently I'm developing wearable sensor technologies and story immersion mobile applications using location-based storytelling and augmented reality technology to combine the magic of books with the local environment of the user. This includes work in 3D scanning and printing.

Specialties: Project management of technical and creative topics. Materials science and engineering, specifically with composites and smart materials. User experience and interaction design, mobile technology, mockup layouts. Digital art, photography, video production.